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Virgin Telco Celebrates Unprecedented Success

Virgin Telco brand is experiencing unexpected success. Launched by the Spanish regional cable operator,  Euskaltel Group, the brand has managed to gather almost 60, 000 customers. They have been on the market for less than 7 months.

60 000 Customers In 6 Months

Back when the company was launched, their target was 35 000 customers until the end of the year. Thus, they have surpassed it by far with approximately 45 000 fixed subscribers and 15 000 mobile subscribers. It is, however, important to note that the newly-launched telco was initially planning to cover 18 million homes. Currently, that number has increased significantly, nearing 22 million homes.

As of the end of 2020, 72% of Spanish municipalities that have a population of more than 50, 000 citizens have contracts with Virgin Telco. 

Zegona Communications that is the largest shareholder of Euskaltel Group, has commented on the news and referred to it as a “huge success”. Zegona has been a major contributor to Virgin Telco’s success by contributing to developing the company’s strategy.

Bright Future In Spanish Telecommunication Industry

The CEO of the Euskaltel Group, and the current leader of Virgin telco, José Miguel García,   has also spoken up about the company’s success. “In six months, we’ve seen how this project has grown extraordinarily and I am sure that as a result of the huge effort made by the entire team and the company’s unbeatable philosophy,” Garcia said, “Virgin telco has a very bright future in the Spanish telecommunications industry, which, as I always say, is one of the most developed in the world. This is just the beginning and we will continue striving to offer customers services that meet their needs in a transparent, straightforward, and flexible way. Customers will continue to be at the heart of our business strategy. 2021 will be an extremely exciting year, full of new developments”.

Euskaltel Celebrates Profits Thanks To Virgin Telco

Euskaltel saw a huge growth in profits and customer numbers, largely boosted by the Virgin telco brand. From March to June, Euskaltel gained 11,300 new customers. Out of these, 6,500 were from Virgin Telco that has at that point only been on the market for a month. The traditional market of Euskaltel accounted for 4,800 new customers.

Success Due To Flexible Offers And 100% Customer-Centered Philosophy

Where is this success coming from? Euskaltel believes that it is the flexible offers and 100% customer-centered philosophy. So far, the consumers have been giving Virgin telco mostly favorable reviews. The services that the customers are mostly satisfied with our reliability, high-quality internet coverage, amount of data and minutes in mobile phone tariffs, and access to OTT content. As reported by Euskaltel, Virgin Telco currently has the highest customer satisfaction ranking as compared to other operators.


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