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Terms of Use

  1. These terms and conditions regulate the use of the website https://regtechglobal.com/ (hereinafter as “terms”) and shall apply to all visitors who intend to use the website (hereinafter as „users“).
  2. The owner and the operator of the website https://regtechglobal.com/ (hereinafter as “website“) is Mashinsky Group s.r.o., ID: 08459312, with registered office at Evropská 2758/11, Dejvice, 160 00 Prague 6, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 318945 (hereinafter as “operator“) who is entitled to disseminate the content of the website.
  3. All visitors are obliged to get acquainted with the terms before they start to use the website. Unless the user agrees with the terms, he/she is obliged to leave the website. Access to the website and its use is provided free of charge.
  4. The operator is the owner of the whole published content on the website. The website may contain also information and data that are the result of the activities of third parties who are their authors. Unless approved by the operator, the website (as a whole or individual parts thereof) may be used only for personal purposes. Any other use of the website is subject to a prior approval by the operator. Any other use for non-personal purpose (without the written approval of the operator) is an unauthorized interference with the rights of the operator and may be also an unauthorized interference with the rights of the subjects whose data and information form the parts of the website content.
  5. All information and data published on the website are only informative nature. The user uses the website at his own risk. By operating the website, the operator does not provide the qualified legal advice or any legal services in virtue of the Czech legal order. The operator is not responsible for completeness and accuracy of the website content. The operator shall not be held liable for any harm resulting from the use of the website. Neither shall the Operator be responsible for any advertising or any other promotional materials displayed by other third parties through the website. The operator further disclaims any responsibility for the content of any other web pages belonging to third parties that may be visited through the website. The operator is not responsible for the content of the message exchanged between the users of some parts of the website (especially discussion groups, forums) and reserves the right to remove any information that may be considered as illegal, offensive or otherwise unacceptable.
  6. The operator is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages occurred with the connection and use of the website and also for the damages caused by their partial or complete malfunction. The operator does not guarantee the possibility of the connection and faultless operation of the website and is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages occurred as a result of the inability to connect to the website and/or the inability to use the website content.
  7. With the exception of the terms and unless otherwise explicitly agreed, publication of any facts or information on the website does not constitute a binding legal relationship between the operator and the user.
  8. If the user moves in the parts of the website which are accessible merely after registration and entering a username and a password, then provided data may be used to personalize such website in accordance with Privacy Policy.
  9. Any modification to the technical aspects of the content of the website may be made only with the prior consent of the operator. Merely the operator has the right to make decisions regarding changes, removals, or extensions to any part of the website.
  10. The terms may be modified or amended solely by the operator. Any legal relationship between the operator and the user of the website which commenced before change to, or replacement of these terms shall be bound by the wording effective on the date the relationship commenced.
  11. The terms are effective from the date first published. The terms were published on 23/11/2020


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