Wednesday, February 21, 2024
RegTech is revolutionizing the anti-money laundering and how financial crime is being tackled

RegTech Is The Financial Crimes Police And Here Is How

The banking sector including fintech and loan services continue to face massive regulatory compliance demands...
NFT financial regulations

Are Global Financial Regulators Intrigued By NFTs Just Like Digital Arts Nerds? We discuss The Potential New Regulations For NFTs

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have taken the world of digital arts by storm. These digital tokens...
As AI advances, the threat of super intelligent humanoid robots scares many experts that believe regulations are the key

Are The Current AI Regulations A Necessary Measure? Or Do They Slow Down The Growth?

As the battle between allowing for an efficient AI development and regulating it to ensure...
5 Minute FinTech discusses RegTech that will change compliance as we know it

Kunai’s Exclusive 5MF #11: RegTech Is About To Change Compliance As We Know It

This is a post written by the Kunai team, as a part of their 5-Minute...
Regtech trends for 2021 including remote collaboration automation and cloud data analytics

How Automation, Remote Collaboration, Cloud, and Data Analytics Are the Biggest RegTech Goal in the Post Pandemic

Pandemics have always had the capacity to bring the world to its knees by not...
cryptocurrency magnate wants futuristic smart cities run by big tech

Cryptocurrency Magnate Proposes Futuristic Smart Cities Run By Tech Giants

In the middle of the Nevada desert, in Storey County located 19 kilometers east of...
amla act after fincen leaks

FinCEN Leaks and the Regulatory Aftermath: AMLA 2020 and 5AMLD

Last week, we posted the exclusive interview with Joe Robinson, the CEO of Hummingbird. One...
Joe Robinson The CEO Of Hummingbird Discusses AML, FinTech and RegTech Trends, FinCEN files leaks

Joe Robinson, CEO Of Hummingbird, Discusses FinCEN Leaks, FinTech, And AML

Hummingbird, a San Francisco based RegTech startup, helps companies meet their compliance needs by reducing...
embedded finance turns tech into fintech

Embedded Finance Creates New Shared Market Between Fintech and Other Techs

With the ease in internet accessibility and large user platforms, big tech companies are leveraging...
Apple Office As The Representation Of The Big Tech

Is BigTech Getting Too Big?

In the ideal world, companies are supposed to compete for their customers due to the...
Picture Symbolizing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Does Artificial Intelligence In EU Stand A Chance?

With the development of AI, there is an ongoing competition on who will gain global...
An Example Of An IoT Device

31 Billion IoT Devices And A Growing Need For Regulations

In a 2013 report by International Data Corporation (IDC), it was predicted that there would...
Pig That Symbolizes FDA Decision To Approve Genetically Modified Pigs

FDA Approves Genetically Modified Pigs!

U.S regulators, FDA, came with a decision groundbreaking for the field of biotechnology. A genetically...
Medical Cannabis Regulatory Confusion In The US

Regulatory Confusion About Medical Cannabis In The US

As of November 2020, the medical use of cannabis is allowed in 36 US states,...
Alipay Symbolizing Alibaba That Was Fined By The Chinese Regulators

BREAKING: Alibaba Fined By The Chinese Regulators!

We have recently reported that the EU is trying to curb the big tech excess...
Google And Amazon Fined For Cookies

Google and Amazon Fined By EU For Tracking Cookies!

The official data protection agency of France, the CNIL, fined Google and Amazon for dropping...
FCC Moving Against Huawei And China Telecom

FCC Halting Huawei And China Telecom!

Yesterday, The U.S Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has officially declared that they have started the...
Cannabidiol (CBD): Research-proven benefits and effects.

Cannabidiol (CBD): Research-proven benefits and effects.

The term ‘cannabis’ ignites a myriad of harmful stereotypes, given its association with ‘getting high’,...
Governments Tighten Regulations For Big Tech

Governments Ramp-up Regulations to Curb Big Tech Excesses

As investigations reveal, big techs were engaging in practices that hurt startups and users' privacy....
Differential Privacy US Census

Differential Privacy: Trade Off Between Privacy and Accuracy?

As we venture out into the virtual world of the internet, we outlay lots of...
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