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GITEX: Don’t Miss The Largest Live Tech Event Of 2020

Dubai is currently hosting the huge global GITEX live tech event in its Dubai World Trade Center. Participants can see more than 1000 competitors that come from over 60 different countries. 

In 2020, pretty much all of the large tech events have had to be moved online. While the organizers did their best to facilitate the switch and present as many opportunities as possible, nothing beats the offline interaction and networking possibilities. 

One Of The Only Events Happening Live

That is why you should not miss the GITEX Technology Live, the last global event at that scale that is happening live in Dubai. The event started yesterday and is expected to last until Thursday, the 10th of December. Due to the organizers’ tireless efforts to maintain the highest sanitary conditions and ensure the safety of all participants, the people can now enjoy the in-person event of the year. 

Importance Of Gitex

Why is GITEX so important? It is the legendary annual tech show that this year hosts more than 1200 tech enterprises, startups, and government entities, more than 200 investors and VCs from everywhere around the globe, and more than 350 speakers from 30 different countries. 

In-Depth Panels Of Experts

The in-depth panels will explore the power of 5G and whether the technology is ready for what is to come; smart cities and how smart the world smartest city can get; the new rules of the game for startups; what break-throughs we can expect in fintech, and how prevention, prediction, personalization, and participation in healthcare may be revolutionized in the next years. Participants will also get a chance to learn a lot about reinventing the global education system. 

Israeli Delegation To The UAE

Moreover, GITEX this year hosts the largest official tech, business, and investor Israeli delegation to the UAE. Today marks the inaugural UAE-Israel Future Digital Economy Summit. The foremost authorities from both countries will give their perspective on AI, mobility, leadership, strategy, investment, food and water safety, smart cities, cybersecurity, bioengineering, and many more.

If you want to sneak a peek at this historic summit that is happening today until 4:45 PM, make sure to follow the event on Twitter and LinkedIn which are both regularly updated. 

All of these topics will be the buzz words of 2021 and for tech newbies, as well as more sophisticated audience, finding out the most important figures in the industry and their views on the crucial issues and opportunities in the tech world is a priceless opportunity. 

While it would be hard for any of us to make it to Dubai on time, you can still participate in the event by following the live reporting on Twitter and LinkedIn and browse the official website of GITEX in order to get familiar with the most important faces of the big tech future. 


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