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Countdown to the Final Finance Event of the Year Begins

After the success of the June Virtual Vision Finance event by Ultimate Fintech, another awaited whole-day B2B fintech event will take place on the 17th of December. The Virtual Finance event will be held online, just like its predecessor. 

The event will be held from 9 am to 8 pm GST and the participants can expect a day full of speeches, q&a sessions, lectures, expert panels, and even specially designed networking space. 

The Overview Of The Conference

The conference will include a high technology 3D expo floor, as well as virtual booths, and video & voice facilities. These tools have been carefully designed to facilitate networking and ensure the interactions between participants will be possible.

Virtual As The Second-Best Thing

Through the virtual booths, attendees will be able to visit and talk directly with the representatives of some of the biggest companies in the fintech industry. The online catalog makes browsing all the different companies simple as they are categorized accordingly to their business field. Members will be able to connect, mingle, start live group chats, and listen to the fintech mentors and gurus. 

There are more than 3000 targeted visitors that specialize in all different areas of fintech, including blockchain, KYC, IBs, and institutional trading. 

Apart from networking, what should you be looking forward to during the Ultimate Fintech event?

At 12:15 PM: CEO Roundtable: Adapting to Uncertainty 

Join the leaders of the most established and successful firms in the industry and learn their views on volatility, Big Tech backlash, accelerating digital adoption, and recession. Fintech has been severely hit by the Covid-19 crisis and while the uncertainty is not due anytime soon, learn about likely developments and challenges in 2021 from the key players in fintech.

At 3:30 PM: Unchaining Blockchain: A Look Into the Booming Infrastructure for Finance

Blockchain continues to be a buzzword in the Fintech industry. It has resulted in a paradigm shift in the financial world and this expert panel will go into the future forecast for Blockchain and explain the ways in which it can revolutionize the financial environment that we are accustomed to

At 5 PM: Liquidity in 2021

The panel of experts will discuss the trends in liquidity that are ahead of us. With detailed information about costs, innovative means to manage your flows, and key developments, this is a must for all the finance enthusiasts 

At 6:45 PM: The Costs of Free Stock Trading

The small private investors, mostly Millenials that are buying commission-free stocks are one of the latest trends in the trading industry. The brokers will educate you on the most important assets, joining the trend, and what they have learned from Robinhood. 

If you want to end your year on a high note and gain some useful insights into the beginning of 2021, do not miss the Virtual Vision Finance and register here

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