Monday, April 15, 2024
How White Biotechnology is Impacting The Growth of Renewable Resources

How White Biotechnology is Impacting The Growth of Renewable Resources

Renewable resources are endangered by non-regulated and industrial activities. Efforts on how to save the...
most promising biotech companies and startups

Here are Biotech Companies that should be Household Names this Year

The biotech industry has been instrumental in tackling the coronavirus pandemic making research in life...
synthetic biotech research, nanobiotechnology, and oral Covid-19 vaccine stripes

Oral Vaccine Strips, Leveraging Synthetic Biology, And Nanobiotechnology Developments – Biotech Weekly

Canadian biotech has developed vaccine strips that could be used as a booster Covid-19 vaccine...
CEO of Eli Lilly commented on a new competition from Walmart as they launched low-cost Insulin; gene altering breakthrough; delta variant.

Walmart Launches Low-Cost Insulin, Gene Therapy, And Delta Variant Of Covid-19 – Biotech Weekly

Several breakthroughs have been announced by biotechs this week, including a new MRI technique that...
The controversy over Alzheimer's drug that FDA approved continues, there was a largest ever series A funding in France, and GSK will split.

FDA Controversy Over Alzheimer’s Drug, Largest Ever Series A Funding, And GSK’s Split – Biotech Weekly

This week, we go back to the controversies spiked by the FDA’s approval of Biogen’s...
biotech stocks and whether they will fall or rise after covid

Will Biotech Fall With Coronavirus Just As It Rose?

When the pandemic broke out last year, governments were clueless, experts seemed confused, and people...
biotech weekly news featuring virtual clinical trials, antibody cocktail tackling Covid-19 effective and more

Virtual Clinical Trials, Covid-19 Antibody Cocktail Effective, And New Radiotherapy Cleared By FDA – Biotech Weekly

What can we expect from the collaboration between Luman and Novo Nordisk? How can the...
FDA approvals of several treatments, amazon expands in the medtech sphere, and a gene that can save you from covid

Amazon Expanding Into MedTech, Controversial FDA Approval, And A Gene Protecting From Severe Covid-19 – Biotech Weekly

Was the FDA approval of the Biogen controversial Alzheimer’s treatment a good idea? What 12...
mRNA vaccine upgrading to saRNA , CRISPR and other biotech news

mRNA and saRNA Vaccines, Non-Invasive Spine Stabilization, and CRISPR – Biotech Weekly

Today, we look at some of the most interesting developments in the biotech and MedTech...
biotech startup laronde has an ambitious drug development plan

Laronde: Startup Biotech Firm With Massive Drug Development Plan

When we talk about tech sectors that are currently defying all odds in the way...
New Covid-19 drugs, treatments, vaccine candidates, and clinical trials as FDA looks at more options to tackle the disease

FDA Approves Antibody Therapy For Covid-19, Vaccine Trials In 2-18 Age Group, And Two Drugs That Can Prevent Covid-19 – Biotech Weekly

After 1,5 years of constant fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the biotech companies continue to...
Nasal swab detecing lung cancer, Covid-19 vaccine and experimental treatment and melanoma - biotech weekly

Nasal Swab Detecting Lung Cancer, Covid-19 Oral Antiviral, And New Melanoma Treatments – Biotech Weekly

The biotech world is still preoccupied with finding the most effective, safe, and widely available...
medtech goes through transition as AI regulations are developed and more ai-powered biotech devices are created

AI Cell Tracking, MedTech Transformation, And EU’s AI Regulations Targeting MedTech – Biotech Weekly

We are back with biotech weekly, exploring the biotech and MedTech highlights from the past...
lung-on-a-chip that can speed up covid-19 drug discovery and other biotech weekly news

Expeling The Cancer Cells, Lung-On-A-Chip, And More Covid-19 Vaccine Candidates – Biotech Weekly

New vaccine candidates come one step closer to the emergency approval in the European Union,...
the use of gold nanoparticles sensors advancing biotechnology

Gold Nanoparticles: German Team Hit Another Holy Grail for Implantable Sensors

First, the country gave the world the first coronavirus vaccine, now it's a gold implantable...
new biotech treatments appear with ai leveraged and groundbreaking studies

What’s Happening In BioTech? 23.04-29.04

BioMarin starts a collaboration aimed at helping develop therapies for central nervous system diseases. A...
Rounding series for biotech startups, unprecedented cancer treatment, CBD startup for women and more

What’s Happening In Biotech? 15.04-21.04

This week in biotech, we could see a lot of interesting partnerships being formed and...
news biotech latest 2021 biotechnology covid-19 vaccine news gene therapy FDA medtech

What’s Happening In Biotech? 26.03-01.04

This week, we could see a lot of alternative therapies being approved and showing promising...
news biotech latest 2021 biotechnology covid-19 vaccine news gene therapy FDA medtech

What’s Happening In BioTech? 12.03-18.03

This has been a great week in biotech, and we will catch you up on...
China Biologically Enhanced Super Soldiers May Become A reality

China’s Biologically Enhanced Soldiers Could Place Intelligence Under Military Control

Science is on a tireless effort to exhaust all spheres of technological application to human...
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