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April 2021: The Best Free Tech Events, Webinars, and Conferences

It’s the start of a new month which means that we have a fresh list of the best online tech events that you can join in April 2021. As every month, we have compiled the list of the best 10 events that are mostly free and online and include webinars, conferences, summits, and exhibitions in different areas of tech. From the FinTech week in Tel Aviv to the 5G Webinar, you will surely find something that suits your needs. Whether you are interested in RegTech, FinTech, Telecom, or you are just a tech lover, you can browse our list and easily fill your April 2021 schedule with free and online tech events that will give you a chance to learn from the most prominent experts in the industry.

Online Content Regulation in the EU and the UK

14th of April 2021 (Online Tech Event)

In the online webinar, the topic in focus will be the newly proposed online content regulations announced by the European Commission and the UK government. 

In this short and condensed virtual panel discussion that was organized by Allied for Startups and TechUK, the specialist in the field will lead a discussion on the developing legislation in the UK and EU, compare and contrast them. 

The expert panel will include names such as Richard Wronka, Director for Online Harms, Ofcom; Diana Vlad Calcic, Policy Officer, DG Connect, European Commission; Mandy Chilcott, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Trustpilot; Lulu Freemont, Policy Manager, Digital Regulation, techUK (moderator)

You can register for free for the event that is a part of the #techTracks series by the TechUK, exploring the UK and EU approaches to technology in terms of regulations. 

5G The Next Generation Of Video Analytics And Computer Vision

13th of April 2021 (Online Tech Event)

Arora Digital has brought together a number of great speakers that will discuss the 5G infrastructure and possibilities that are emerging in the field. 

The event will focus on four main discussion points: Growth and opportunities arising from the 5G Infrastructure, underlying architecture and the role of Mobile Edge Computing, regulatory aspects, and Telefonica / Deepsight case study (5G based security system)

Who are some of the panelists?

BT: Neil McRae (MD Architecture and Strategy)

Google: Larissa Suzuki (Head of Data /AI Practise)

Vodafone: Danny Kelly (Head of Innovation)

Telefonica: Alexandre Harmand (Head of Core and Service Platforms)

KPMG: Hafsa Ameen (Infrastructure Mobility)

North Tyneside Council: Paul Armstrong (Head of Digital)

Deepsight: Rakesh Channaiah (Co Founder) / Nishant Veer (Co Founder)

Open Finance And Inclusion Summit

20th of April 2021 (Online Tech Event)

In a half-day, fully online event, taking open banking to the next level and creating an inclusive environment with financial services and innovation for all will be the key topic. 

As the pandemic is continuously changing how we interacting with financial services, there is a number of possibilities laying in the new schemes and processes that have to ensure that they will be established in a way that supports both the economy and the communities. 

The conference will feature high-level speakers both from the government and the industry who talk about how the Open Banking and Open Finance opportunities should be utilized.

The member of TechUK and the public sector can enjoy free access to the event and the rest of the participants can buy tickets for £75+VAT

Intelligent Automation Transforming Operations And Customers Interactions In Financial Services 

22nd of April 2021 (Online Tech Event)

This event will take place due to the cooperation between the techUK’s Tech and Innovation program with the Financial Services Programme. 

The role of Intelligent Automation in financial services will be explored as the financial world is trying to minimize the impact of Covid and leverage some of the IA deployments. 

Do you want to know how IA is crucial for the long term? How the financial industry can be transformed? What will be the long-term benefits for customer satisfaction and the workforce? This is the perfect event for you. 

Some of the key topics in the webinar will include:

  • Who is leading the adoption of IA technologies across financial services, and what are the leading use cases
  • What are the compliance and regulatory frameworks around the adoption of IA in Financial services
  • Security, privacy, and building IA into business infrastructure
  • What is the role of the technology sector in helping create best practice across the financial sector in the adoption of IA technologies
  • How to successfully implement a digital transformation strategy through IA
  • Future-gazing and innovative use cases.

FinTech Addis Exhibition And Forum

8th Of April 2021 

In this free event that will span over half a day, more than 20 exhibitors will discuss how the financial sector can be effectively merged with the new technology. 

The top-notch investors are expected to participate in the event that will introduce you to the digital banking system, cyber technology infrastructures, and much more. 

The event will touch on the most important aspects of FinTech, digital banking, and cyber security. 

World FinTech Forum Middle East 

24th of April 2021 (Partly Online Tech Event)

More than 300 industry world leaders, innovators, bankers, technologists, & regulators will participate in this event. It will be structured as a hybrid with some participants attending the on-site event (with limited physical attendance) and others being able to follow online. 

The event will focus on creating a healthy and productive FinTech ecosystem and will focus on the specific components needed, such as government policies, startup community catalyzed capital, and talent.


13th-15th of April 2021 (Online Tech Event)

SIGMA is considered one of the leading gaming events of this year and in the 7th edition of the event with ticket prices ranging from €49 – €250, these are some of the highlights:

  • Emerging Trends that include all three verticals – Affiliates, Operators, and Suppliers. 
  • Emerging Hubs include the regulatory framework that has allowed a huge number of gaming companies to establish offices and operate legally in more than one jurisdiction. 
  • Emerging Tech includes all the innovations in Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Quantum Computing, IoT, and FinTech.

RegTech & Security Connet 

20th of April (Online Tech Event)

In a free event that will last the whole day, you will have a chance to learn from some of the top experts in the RegTech industry that will talk about how innovation can be driven in a more and more complex regulatory environment. 

More than 300 professionals with a background in different types of financial institutions and FinTechs will discuss the role of AI and data science in RegTech and what you must do to adapt to the continuously changing environment. 

Do you want to gain insights into how others are managing compliance, increasing cyber security, minimizing risks, and what are some of the must-have tools to do it? Then it’s a perfect event for you. 

FinTech Week Tel Aviv 2021

19th-22nd of April (Online Tech Event)

This year’s Tel Aviv FinTech week will be a fully virtual 4-day event and will look at some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in financial services.

The event will include start-up pitches, exhibitions, and the possibility to network with some of the most important decision-makers in the industry. 

UK FinTech Week 2021 

19th-23rd of April (Online Tech Event)

Are you interested in the UK FinTech space and want to know more about how the financial services hub will perform after Brexit?

Delegates from more than 105 countries will be showcasing the development in financial services and will focus on the following topics:

  • Beyond the Crisis: The Future of Global FinTech – Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th April
  • Spotlight on FinTech Trends: What’s the Next Big Thing? –Wednesday 21st April
  • Building Back Better: FinTechs Role in Economic Recovery – Thursday 22 April
  • Inspiring the Future FinTech Leaders – Friday 23 April

You can expect a full week jam-packed with workshops, meetings, networking, and discussions.



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