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Apple’s Phone Launch and its Implication on the 5G Technology

Apple’s involvement in 5G mobile devices may be a game-changer in the mobile tech race among the other industry’s behemoths, but reviews from long-time expert observers of the brand suggest that it may have been over-hyped. 

iPhone 12 Launch

Apple is definitely a big player in the mobile electronics technological empire, and they waste no time in making a huge deal out of their phone launch. On October 13th, Apple launched its’ iPhone 12 series. The launch is the tech titan’s biggest annual event as it comes with huge customer and fan-based expectations

First Online Launch

Each latest Apple phone debut is marked annually in September. This year, the launch had two changes due to the coronavirus pandemic. The launch came a month later and was streamed online from Apple’s official website. The phone made a tumult with features that customers could not wait to peruse.

Big 5G Expectations

The launch was expected with a range of products and services. On top of the list was the 5G feature, novel colors. This special feature added to the phone series, and the report by Apple that many of their phones in use worldwide are getting out-dated could have been a contributing factor why analysts stated that the debut would be Apple’s biggest phone launch in many years.

“So you have a massive pent-up demand in the installed base going into a 5G transformational product cycle. That’s why I kind of view it as almost the perfect storm of demand for Apple,” said Daniel Ives, Wedbush Securities analyst, in a report by Business Insider.

Large Fan-Base Of Apple Speculating About New Features

On Apple’s online invitation for the launch, was a pragmatic slogan that read: “Hi, Speed.” Above it was the Apple logo embedded in three circles of different sizes. The circles were designed in different hues (blue, orange, and yellow). Such designs are expressive and usually signal fans about new features to look out for.

According to a survey by Decluttr, an electronics reseller, and reported by C/net, 53% of their respondents plan to buy the iPhone 12 series. A figure that is altogether staggering and unsurprising.

Brand Royalty Of Apple

Apple has a large fan-base with a strong brand royalty and while there are some other competitors offering similar products and services out there, they would rather stick with Apple. As early as 2019, Samsung launched its 5G-enabled phone but only sold 7 million Galaxy in the second quarter of the year, a number that is paltry compared to Apple’s three-month sales projection.

Projections Of Analysts

Projections by strategic analysts which have been reported by the media estimated that Apple will be shipping over 50 million 5G-enabled phones in just three months following their launch. This figure will make Apple the second-largest distributor of 5G-enabled devices in 2020. Huawei swept the market becoming the highest distributor of 5G-enabled phones this year.

Elsewhere in Asia, the iPhone 12 series is also gaining a strong foot in the market share. Among the smartphone users, there was a high increase in Apple’s iPhone 12 series pre-order according to a CNBC report, citing data from the Chinese e-commerce site, Fenque. 

As of October 20th, there had been more than 150,000 orders of the newly debuted iPhone 12 series in China and the figures are expected to increase. If these latest statistics turn out as projected, Huawei may lose some of their home-based customers. This may give Apple the opportunity to lead the market in being the largest distributor of 5G-enabled mobile devices globally.

Effect of the Launch On 5G?

5G technology has been around since 2019. Since then, many people only heard about 5G and its high-speed potentials but never used it. People, especially tech-savvies, began to see the new technology as mere hype due to the inadequate installation of 5G equipment across cities of the world. Verizon, AT&T, and Huawei have only managed to install their 5G network in a handful of cities globally.

In January,  Apple CEO Tim Cook in speaking to analysts on the company’s earnings call earlier this year said: “With respect to 5G, we’re in the early innings of its deployment on a global basis.” And just nine months after his statement, the 5G enabled iPhones are here. 

What has changed and how can the tech behemoth ensure that customers’ maximum utility of the phone’s 5G feature pans out positively and that the feature is not just bells and whistles to many users? 

Global Changes In 5G Installation

This year, there have been major changes across countries on the installation of 5G technology. However, the tech titan, Huawei, with the best 5G technology so far has lost major contracts on 5G in the Czech Republic, the UK, Sweden, the U.S., and Italy.

Besides alleged security claims of countries against Huawei’s 5G, the technology offers cheaper services and could have sped up the installation of equipment across the globe. Such fast and cheaper installation could have given users more network provision to access the 5G feature. Apple does not have 5G technology equipment but would depend on the services of telecom giants like Huawei to supply customers with the 5G network eventually

Access To 5G Not Guaranteed

All the iPhone 12 series are expected to run on over 100 networks worldwide excluding India. Even though iPhone 12 series offer different speed bands ranging from the high-speed 5.5mm-wave, mid, and low bands, access to the 5G connection will depend on the availability of the 5G telecom and the carriers in the vicinity of users. Otherwise, the feature could be a mirage, yet one of the most hyped of them all.

Gene Munster, a long-time Apple observer and managing partner at Loup Ventures, in a Business Insider report said: “Consumers aren’t going to be running out to buy new phones because they’re 5G.” They will be going out to buy new phones because their iPhones are really old. 

The phone series however comes with the LTE internet feature and can switch between the two internet features depending on one’s needs and situations.

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Veronica Ugwu
Veronica Ugwu
Veronica Ugwu is a writer for RegTech Global, with her enthusiasm for tech and business.


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