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AI and 5G Joined Forces: What Are The Possibilities?

AI and 5G are currently some of the biggest buzz words in the tech world. Both technologies have immense potential in revolutionizing and disrupting several industries. AI and 5G, in fact, share many characteristics, one of them being how universal they are. Thus, it only appears as natural that connecting these two would yield even more interesting results. 

Covid-19 Shows Demand For Quicker Development Of 5G And AI

Covid-19 has increased the need for faster development of 5G and AI and their applications in the healthcare and business sector. Moreover, the unexpected crisis has led to dramatic and unprecedented attention to the pairings and innovations that may have seemed years away. However, in order to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our century, the researchers are looking for the most efficient solutions that can assist not only the hospitals and healthcare staff but the employees, companies, and governments across the world. 

5G and AI can support development in medicine, education, banking, governance, computer science, and many other fields. Thus, combining the two technologies that are extremely powerful on their own could be revolutionary. Having said that, alongside the opportunities, come the challenges, the threats, and the risks. 

The Combined Power Of 5G And AI

For AI to reach their potential, it needs more data that can be processed at an extreme speed. This is where 5G would be useful. 5G allows for recording and transmitting huge data sets across the platform. Thus, it could be a solution to the issue of insufficient data. Having said that, although many believe that such an innovation can be months away, the experts are more cautious and say that it is more likely years away. 

That does not mean that we will not be hearing about any of the projects with overlapping technologies in the upcoming years. Although not many companies exist in both 5G and AI, it is a highly fruitful space. Some of the giants such as Huawei, MediaTek, or Qualcomm already understood it and started playing in both fields. 

In their recent article, Forbes has agreed that it will take a few years for 5G and AI both to mature enough to create meaningful and truly an evolutionary collaboration. Having said that, the article has identified some of the crucial ways in which AI and 5G could form an unbeatable force. They include: 


The combination of 5G and AI can be utilized in several ways across smartphones. Firstly, there will be several applications in the camera apps, the most obvious being real-time object recognition. However, another application that is already used and is likely to improve is voice assistance. Due to the combined power and the complexity of 5G and AI both, the voice assistant will get more responsive, smarter, quicker, and more helpful. 


XR is one of the most common applications for 5G and AI that can be expected in the future. While the use of 5G can increase the experience from the streaming angle and improving the content quality, the AI-enhanced eye-tracking assists the quality from different aspects. 


Transportation could also benefit hugely from the combination of AI and 5G. Currently, autonomous vehicles and C-V2X are blooming in the transportation industry. C-V2X that includes vehicle-to-vehicle communication, as well as vehicle-to-infrastructure communications could use 5G and AI both in order to improve the awareness of self-driving cars which would detrimentally increase the safety of autonomous vehicles. The 5G would play a huge role in assisting the AI in the gigantic amount of data uploaded to the cloud that the vehicle is using to make decisions. 

The last field mentioned by Forbes is 


Adding the 5G component to the current robots would give them significantly more freedom and autonomy. One of the largest challenges for current scientists is figuring out how to make robots more autonomous.

Nel Tomczyk
Nel Tomczyk
Nel is a writer for RegTech Global. From her past experience, she gained a deep understanding of fintech, AI, regulations, and new technologies. She has vast experience in journalism and entrepreneurship.


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