Monday, March 27, 2023

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WhatsApp’s P2P Payments, AT&T’s Wireless WAN, BaaS’ Acceleration – Tech Weekly Update

We are back with this week’s tech update. We look at Deutsche Bank’s new partnership with a fintech, BaaS acceleration, CBA pausing its crypto...

Google Goes Big With AI, Instagram Tests NFTs, Deutsche Telekom Triumphs – Tech Weekly Update

We are back with the tech weekly update, giving you the summary of the most important headlines that happened in the past week. Take...

Digital Markets Act Delay, Cryptocurrency Ownership Spike In The UK, Vodafone’s Innovative AI Project – Tech Weekly Update

Let’s take a look at the latest tech weekly update, featuring the most important headlines in the fintech, biotech, regtech, and telecom sectors. This...

Instant US-EU Payments, FCC’s Response To Musk’s Twitter Deal, First Quantum Security Network – Tech Weekly Update

We are back with our weekly update, sharing the most important news stories in the tech sector. This week, we look at Santander’s global...

PayU’s Expansion, Cyberattack Threats, Common USB-C Regulations In EU – Tech Weekly Update

We are back with the weekly news update, summarizing the most important tech stories from the past seven days. This week, we focus on...

Mastercard Fills For Metaverse Trademarks, EU Launches Digital Finance Platforms, Ericsson In Trouble – Tech Weekly

Here is your latest tech weekly update, providing you a round-up of the most important stories in the fintech, biotech, and telecom sector. This...

Stablecoin Legislation, AI Solution Predicting Cardiac Arrest, Augmented Reality Shopping – Tech Weekly

We start the week with the most important tech headlines from the past seven days. This time, we will focus on the new report...

CBDC Fragmentation, Visa’s NFT Program, BaaS’ Unstoppable Momentum – Tech Weekly

Today’s tech weekly update features the UK’s investigation into card schemes; EU Parliament’s attempts to toughen up the crypto AML rules and align them...

Global Banks Test Cross-Border CBDC, DeFi Task Force Launch, Digital Markets Act Progress- Tech Weekly

This week in the tech weekly update, we will talk about the new Open Banking Regulatory Committee in the UK, Danske Bank’s Trade AI...

Banks Venture Into Metaverse, Japan Launches Holographic Payments, Ericsson Reveals Its Network Slicing App – Tech Weekly

We are back with the weekly tech news update, featuring the most important fintech, telecom, and biotech updates from the past seven days. We...

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Two of the largest emerging economies are one step closer to launching #CBDCs, the proposed #AI law in the EU sparks more controversies, and #Revolut expands into the travel sector

We have compiled a list of the most promising #biotech companies, from the established players that we have been hearing about for the past months to #startups hoping to influence the industry https://regtechglobal.com/here-are-biotech-companies-that-should-be-household-names-this-year/

Tech Weekly: KT launches one of the first #5G SA globally, #Binance continues to struggle, and #Microsoft decides to acquire a #CyberSecurity startup.

London #fintech is surprisingly soaring post-Brexit, Salvadorans are not as excited about making #bitcoin a legal tender in #ElSalvador as the president, and #BIS calls for collaboration on #CBDCs as China leads the race.

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