Sunday, July 25, 2021

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Here are Biotech Companies that should be Household Names this Year

The biotech industry has been instrumental in tackling the coronavirus pandemic making research in life science to be much needed. Some of these companies...

KT Debuts With 5G SA, Binance Discontinues Stock Tokens, Microsoft Invests Into Crypto – Tech Weekly

Let us start the week with the most important tech news we could see unfolding during the past seven days. As usual, we will...

Telenor Exits Myanmar, Whatsapp In Legal Trouble, New 6G Initiative In The US – Telecom Weekly

After months of heated discussions, Telenor decided to close its Myanmar operations and sell the business to a Lebanese investment firm. WhatsApp is in...

Salvadorans Hesitant About Bitcoin, London FinTech Soars Post-Brexit, BIS Calls For CBDC Collaboration – Tech Weekly

Let’s start the new week looking at the tech news highlights from the last seven days. The cybersecurity world is still shaken after the...

Booking.com Launches A FinTech Unit, Instagram Looks At NFTs, And Circle Goes Public – FinTech Weekly

We finish up the week looking at the most interesting fintech headlines from the past seven days. We discuss the first fintech unit of...

Oral Vaccine Strips, Leveraging Synthetic Biology, And Nanobiotechnology Developments – Biotech Weekly

Canadian biotech has developed vaccine strips that could be used as a booster Covid-19 vaccine but also be used as an alternative vaccine for...

EXCLUSIVE: KYC Environment, Payment Fraud Prevention, And Compliance With AML Regulations – Interview With Jacob Sever, The Co-founder of Sumsub

Back in 2015, three brothers came up with an idea for a verification engine tailored specifically to the customer's needs. Back then, the Sever...

Update On Kaseya Ransomware, IoT 5G Satellite Launched Into Orbit, First 700 MHz Standalone 5G In The World – Telecom Weekly

One of the most-awaited telecom stories is an update on the massive ransomware attack on the Florida-based Kaseya. We discuss the impact, the number...

Giant Ransomware Attack Impacts Hundreds Of Businesses, Dogecoin Fee Structure, Binance Struggles – Tech Weekly

We start the week with the most important tech stories and the biggest story is still unfolding in the cybersecurity world. On Friday, a...

Digital Ruble Pilot, New Blockchain Threshold, And Crypto Exchanges’ Struggle – Fintech Weekly

We end this week with an overview of the biggest fintech stories that you may have missed. This week has been big in terms...


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We have compiled a list of the most promising #biotech companies, from the established players that we have been hearing about for the past months to #startups hoping to influence the industry https://regtechglobal.com/here-are-biotech-companies-that-should-be-household-names-this-year/

Tech Weekly: KT launches one of the first #5G SA globally, #Binance continues to struggle, and #Microsoft decides to acquire a #CyberSecurity startup.

London #fintech is surprisingly soaring post-Brexit, Salvadorans are not as excited about making #bitcoin a legal tender in #ElSalvador as the president, and #BIS calls for collaboration on #CBDCs as China leads the race.

Summary of #fintech news: Instagram looks at implementing #NFTs, #Booking launches a new fintech unit, #circle goes public.

Most interesting biotech headlines from this week including an alternative #vaccination method, nanobiotechnology breakthrough, leveraging synthetic biology, and updates from several #biotechs and #Pharmaceutical giants.

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