Sunday, October 17, 2021

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White House’s Oversight of Crypto, White Paper on CBDCs, Mexico Spectrum Auction – Tech Weekly

Let’s take a look at the most interesting tech headlines from the past week. Microsoft will finally launch its Cloud for Financial Services. Monzo...

Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Bitcoin Regains Its Strength, Starling’s BaaS – Tech Weekly

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China Fully Bans Crypto, Nokia Launches FP5, Anti-BNPL Protest Takes Over London – Tech Weekly

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CRISPR-Based HIV Treatment, FTTH Growth, New Cybersecurity Law – Tech Weekly

Every Monday, we review the most important headlines in the tech world, focusing on fintech, biotech, and telecom news. This week, we will talk...

Revolut Expands To BNPL, Microsoft Boost Cybersecurity Investment, CBDC Efforts – Tech Weekly

This week in our tech weekly overview, we take you through European Union’s progress in developing European Blockchain Service Infrastructure, Revolut expanding into BNPL...

New Covid-19 Strain, Crypto Reward Credit Card, Hidden BNPL Issues – Tech Weekly

This week in our tech weekly summary, we will look at several big headlines concerning biotech, telecom, and fintech. We start with the report...

Ericsson CEO Warns Of Chinese 6G Domination, UK Restructures Data Policy, Smartwatch Market Growth – Tech Weekly

Here is the overview of the most important news headline from the past week. We look at an innovative network that can potentially solve...

Everything You Need To Know About SPAC Deals

Initial public offerings (IPO) are difficult. Unleashing stock to the people of the world, predicting the valuation and price investors will pay, whilst taking...

Microsoft Invests In Zero-Trust, Qualcomm Wants To Dominate Drones, Revolut’s New Launch – Tech Weekly

This week, in our tech overview of the most interesting and important headlines covering the tech world, we will share all the stories you...

Gigantic Crypto Heist, AI-Powered MedTech, And 5G Development Survey – Tech Weekly

We are looking at the latest and most important headlines in the tech world, focusing on the developments in fintech, biotech, telecom, and AI...

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Two of the largest emerging economies are one step closer to launching #CBDCs, the proposed #AI law in the EU sparks more controversies, and #Revolut expands into the travel sector

We have compiled a list of the most promising #biotech companies, from the established players that we have been hearing about for the past months to #startups hoping to influence the industry https://regtechglobal.com/here-are-biotech-companies-that-should-be-household-names-this-year/

Tech Weekly: KT launches one of the first #5G SA globally, #Binance continues to struggle, and #Microsoft decides to acquire a #CyberSecurity startup.

London #fintech is surprisingly soaring post-Brexit, Salvadorans are not as excited about making #bitcoin a legal tender in #ElSalvador as the president, and #BIS calls for collaboration on #CBDCs as China leads the race.

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